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  • Quant Assessment Quiz — see where your quant skills stand today
  • Two full Case examples from MBB firms — with detailed Solutions!
  • Case Interview Calculations: See what you’ll be facing in real interviews!
  • Practice Problems for calculations that candidates are GUARANTEED to
    encounter, like Breakeven, Profitability, and Market Sizing
  • Video lessons demonstrating FASTMATH calculation methods
  • Articles and best practices for interview prep
  • Mental Calculation Drills: Hone your calculation skills!
  • Additional information on FASTMATH online resources

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A Message from the Creator

Welcome! My name is Matthew Tambiah, and I’m the Creator of FastMath, a unique mental calculation system. I’m a former McKinsey consultant and I graduated with highest honors from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and also earned an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Math has always come naturally to me, and I was always helping friends out with math and science courses in high school, in college at Harvard, and in business school at MIT. Over the years, I have seen first-hand that many people struggle with math. I always thought “If I were teaching math, I would teach it different!”

Well, now I’m doing that! I created FastMath to teach the way I think about math — and calculations in general — which was always very different from the way I had seen math taught in schools. I always looked for the simplest and most efficient way to solve problems, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to calculations.

In FastMath resources I will teach you how to do this too! I will show you how to solve problems with the least amount of effort, and in the fastest and most efficient manner.
But, to do this, you really need to understand math and the underlying math principles, which I’ll also teach you in FastMath courses.

FastMath will show you that math doesn’t have to be intimidating and incomprehensible, but is actually a very useful tool. FastMath is not theoretical, but focuses on the practical applications for math in business, and in every-day life.

So join now to learn how FASTMATH can help you succeed in your job interviews.

FASTMATH FREE Interview Math Materials

FastMath FREE Interview Math includes the following content and resources:

Quantitative Assessment Quiz

For a quick assessment of your quant skills, take the FastMath Ace the Case Quantitative Assessment Quiz, and score yourself using the Solutions and Scoring Guidelines — the results will highlight areas for improvement.

Articles on How Quantitative Skills and Analysis Fit into Case Interviews

2 Full Case Examples and Solutions from MBB Firms — with Solutions!

Practice Problems for Critical Case Calculations

FastMath FREE Interview Math includes practice problems for several critical calculation types and quantitative problems that are regularly given in Case Interviews. Efficient solution methods for solving these types of problems, and solutions to these specific calculations, are contained within the FastMath Ace the Case Online Course. Solving these problems is excellent quantitive preparation for Case Interviews and general business job interviews.

Sample Video Lessons

6 video lessons demonstrating efficient calculation methods and their application to quantitative interview problems.

Introduction and Background

Multiplication Methods

Market Sizing Overview

Market Sizing Example

Break-even Analysis

Compound Growth Calculations

Mental Calculation Exercises

Hone your mental calculation skills for Case Interviews with these mental calculation exercises I personally designed. As with physical training, to strengthen your mental calculation skills and keep them in peak condition, you need to train regularly — as the saying goes: “Use it or lose it…”

I used to do exercises like this before taking standardized tests like the SAT and GMAT — they will help you in Case Interviews or standardized tests like the GMAT, GR, SAT, or ACT.

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Created By

Matthew TambiahMatthew A. Tambiah is the creator of FastMath. Matthew is a former McKinsey consultant and has a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard with highest honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Matthew is an internationally recognized expert on quantitative and calculation skills for job interviews and business professionals. Matthew has hosted FastMath Workshops to teach quantitative and calculation skills for job interviews for MBA, undergrad, and PhD students at Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT, London Business School, Georgetown, INSEAD, and other leading universities. Thousands of candidates from nearly every major university worldwide— including Duke, Yale, Brown, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Cornell, Indian Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, UVA, Oxford, Cambridge, HEC, IESE McGill, UBC, and Vanderbilt — have used the FastMath resources (Online Courses, Workshops, and WorkBooks) to prepare for Case Interviews at leading companies. Matthew’s students have joined elite consulting, technology, and finance companies such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, LEK, Amazon, Google, and many other leading firms.

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