Fast Mental Calculation Methods

Discover how the Fast Mental Calculation methods can help your stakeholders and organization through Workshops and Online Courses and Webinars


The Fast Mental Calculation methods can help your employees become more productive, by making them faster and more efficient while improving quality of work and reducing errors. Learning the Fast Mental Calculation methods will make your employees more efficient and help your company with Business Process Analysis, Business Process Optimization, Revenue Optimization, Business Analysis, Manufacturing Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Marketing, Price Optimization, Risk Management, Financial Consulting, Accounting, and Strategic Planning.


Fast Mental Calculation Workshops and Online Courses can also cover technology related topics such as how to use software, computer technology, and the Internet, to make organizations more efficient.


The Fast Mental Calculation methods taught can help students in academic subjects like Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Biology, Medicine, and Life Sciences, Economics, Accounting, Finance, with standardized test preparation, and IQ test preparation, as well as with Career and Professional Development.

Educator Training

Fast Mental Calculation methods can also help educators become better teachers and communicators.


The Fast Mental Calculation methods can also help your employees become healthier by teaching them how to apply The Fast Mental Calculation methods to personal health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, exercise routines, sports and athletic training. This can help improve the overall happiness of your organization’s employees, students or general members.

Personal Finance

The Fast Mental Calculation methods and principles can help your stakeholders with personal finance, financial literacy, tax planning, investment strategies, and other areas of general interest.

Personal Development

The Fast Mental Calculation methods and principles can also help people improve their memory, and overall cognitive ability, especially for seniors who may not be regularly using their analytical faculties as much as they used to.

Delivery of Content

The course material can be delivered through in-person Workshops, Online Courses, Webinars, as well as printed books and materials.


Matthew Tambiah is the creator of the Fast Mental Calculation system. Matthew has a Bachelor’s from Harvard with highest honors in electrical and computer engineering and a masters degree from MIT. Matthew is a former McKinsey consultant, and ran a product line generating over one-hundred million dollars at Akamai technologies, a leading computer networking firm. Matthew has hosted workshops and lectures at numerous schools and organizations, including Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT, Georgetown, Columbia, London Business School, INSEAD, and Akamai Technologies. Matthew is from Cambridge Massachusetts, and currently resides there.

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