Course Lessons

Introduction: Overview & Background
Introduction & Background

Case Interviews
Context of Quant Problems in Case Interviews

Math Skills Required for Case Interviews

Course Requirements and Math Review (Optional)

McKinsey Full Case: Catalog Retailer

BCG Full Case Example
FastMath Multiplication & Division Methods
FastMath Overview


Division & Factoring 1

Division & Factoring 2

FastMath Practice Problems

Mental Math Regular Exercises
Detail: Multiplication & Division Methods
Multiplying & Dividing by 25

Multiplying & Dividing by 5 & 5

Handling Zeroes I

Handling Zeroes II

Mult. & Div. by 2 Part I

Mult. & Div. by 2 Part II
FastMath: Percentages & Growth / Change
Percentage Calculations

Compound Growth 1

Compound Growth 2

Compound Growth 3

Inverse Proportion

Doubling (& Halving) Time

FastMath Tables
Market Sizing & Estimation Problems

Example 1: McDonald's US Sales

Example 2: US Auto Sales

Best Practices

Market Sizing Practice Problems

Solutions to Market Sizing Problems
Quant Case Problems

Break-even Analysis

Profitability Analysis

Response Rate Analysis

Economies of Scale

Growth Rate Analysis

Chart Reading 1

Chart Reading 2 (Recommended)

Price Elasticity

Investment Decision (Full Case)

Hard: Production Shifting (McKinsey)

Competitive Pricing Response

Hard: Pipeline Analysis (McKinsey)

Pipeline Analysis: Algebraic Solution

McK Organ Donation Case
Summary & Conclusion

Advanced Quant Topics
NPV 1: Net Present Value Overview

NPV 2: Perpetuities & Examples
McKinsey PST Materials
Practice Test A: Kosher Franks

Practice Test B: Freddie's Shrimp

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