Course Lessons

Introduction: Overview & Background
Introduction & Background

FastMath Intellectual Property Statement and Terms of Service

FastMath Intellectual Property Statement and Terms of Service

Case Interviews
Context of Quant Problems in Case Interviews

Math Skills Required for Case Interviews

Course Requirements and Math Review (Optional)

McKinsey Full Case: Catalog Retailer

BCG Full Case Example
FastMath Multiplication & Division Methods
FastMath Overview


Division & Factoring 1

Division & Factoring 2

FastMath Practice Problems

Mental Math Regular Exercises

Detail: Multiplication & Division Methods
Multiplying & Dividing by 25

Multiplying & Dividing by 5 & 5

Handling Zeroes I

Handling Zeroes II

Mult. & Div. by 2 Part I

Mult. & Div. by 2 Part II
FastMath: Percentages & Growth / Change
Percentage Calculations

Compound Growth 1

Compound Growth 2

Compound Growth 3

Inverse Proportion

Doubling (& Halving) Time

FastMath Tables

Market Sizing & Estimation Problems

Example 1: McDonald's US Sales

Example 2: US Auto Sales

Best Practices

Market Sizing Practice Problems

Solutions to Market Sizing Problems
Quant Case Problems

Break-even Analysis

Profitability Analysis

Response Rate Analysis

Economies of Scale

Growth Rate Analysis

Chart Reading 1

Chart Reading 2 (Recommended)

Price Elasticity

Investment Decision (Full Case)

Hard: Production Shifting (McKinsey)

Competitive Pricing Response

Hard: Pipeline Analysis (McKinsey)

Pipeline Analysis: Algebraic Solution

McK Organ Donation Case
Summary & Conclusion
Advanced Quant Topics
NPV 1: Net Present Value Overview

NPV 2: Perpetuities & Examples
McKinsey PST Materials
Practice Test A: Kosher Franks

Practice Test B: Freddie's Shrimp

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